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Whats up: Karsten Kleppan Interview

Karsten Kleppan is home in Oslo these days, so Brettstedet took the opportunity to check in and see whats happening.

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Karsten Kleppan with his Uncle Geir pro model fra WKND. The artwork on the board is made by his uncle, Geir Kleppan.

Skrevet av: Tommy Jørgensen
Publisert: 1/18/2020 | Oppdatert: 6/3/2020

What are you doing these days?

Im not doing that much these days, Im home in Oslo and relaxing.

Death Dance was released not to long ago, and I saw there were clips from Oslo spots in some other parts. Did you get a visit or has there been a trip or similar?

Yes some of the boys were her for a week this summer, the weather was pretty bad, but we were able to squeeze in some street skating.

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What is your favorite clip from the film?

The k-grind fingerflip that Johan did was insane! Pretty big rail also!

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(You can see the k-grind finger flip at 1:18:00 in the video over. You can also see the comments on some of Karstens footage at 1:13:00 and 1:19:25)

Do you have a highlight from 2019?

The highlight must have been getting on WKND. I feel it was the right decision and I am insanely happy there!

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Any exiting plans?

I dont have that many plans yet, but I reckon I will be going on a trip to a warmer climate soon. Its not so much fun in Oslo these days. Maybe Portugal or Spain. Depends on what comes along. Hehe.

Who are your sponsors now?

Nike SB, WKND, Session, Thunder, Spitfire and Modus.

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Karsten Kleppan is one of the few Norwegian skaters to achieve pro status with his own signature board model. You can read more about Karsten Kleppan in our wiki.

 Karsten Kleppan 




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Whats up: Karsten Kleppan Interview

Karsten Kleppan is home in Oslo these days, so Brettstedet took the opportunity to check in and see whats happening.

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